Human Rights Documents

Human Rights Documents (LAW Micromaterials Room Mif 936) is a unique collection of documents produced by over 355 non-governmental human rights organizations (NGO's) throughout the world, edited by Human Rights Internet in Ottawa, and published by IDC Publishers. Reproduced in microfiche format, this project makes possible the availability of vast amounts of material that otherwise would be difficult to access or retrieve because they are produced in limited numbers or narrowly disseminated. The materials often originate from countries where human rights are challenged.

With coverage starting in 1980, the documents included in this collection are concerned with a broad range of human rights issues including:

  • Rights of indigenous peoples refugees, women, and children,
    Freedom of expression, association, assembly, conscience,
    Abolition of torture, political killings, disappearances, and slavery,
    Rule of law and due process, and
    Political participation and self-determination

Human Rights Documents is located in the Micromaterials Room of the Research Center (call number Mif 936).

Printed indexes are available in the Micromaterials Room of the Research Center (call number). Each index may be searched by organization name, organization number, or by region.

Users not in the Tallahassee area may request copies of specific items by contacting the Interlibrary Loan Librarian at (850) 644-4095.

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